TEQBALL is a new sport created to be multi-player, mixed and disabled friendly football orientated game. The table is a curved simplistic designed sport equipment for players to test their technical skills, concentration and stamina. In addition to Football, four other sports can also be played on the TEQBALL ONE and TEQBALL SMART tables: Teqtennis, Teqpong, Qatch and Teqvolley.

TEQBALL is versatile and non-contact, increasing participation and provides opportunity for players of all school ages and abilities. It requires no specialist equipment except the table, no floor markings and can be used indoor/outdoor.

Teqball can be played by 2 players (singles game), by 3 players (Canadian doubles), by 4 players (doubles game) or even by several more players similar to the ‘Round-the-table’ game in Ping Pong. On our Teqball Smart tables individual games and training sessions can be conducted.