Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of triggering physiological mechanisms within the body through safe exposure to sub-zero temperatures for 2-3 minutes to promote healing and recovery. CRYOPOD uses the safest method of Whole Body Cryotherapy, cold air produced by Liquid Nitrogen as opposed to some units which involve people standing nitrogen gas or electric units which simply cannot reach the low temperatures required for effective treatments. Non-invasive exposure to extremely cold air  stimulates the circulatory, nervous and energy systems within the body- accelerating recovery, improving performance and accredited with enhancing mental well-being and increasing capacity for restorative sleep.

Whole Body Cryotherapy causes the body to naturally react to extreme coldness by initiating vasoconstriction (narrowing) of the blood vessels, where large volumes of blood are redirected to the body’s core. This causes a cascade of biochemical actions: release of anti-inflammatory factors, endorphins aiding pain from injuries and enhancing recovery by increasing the removal of toxins from muscular tissue, enriching the body with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients to boosting performance.